Addison Timlin Net Worth

Addison Timlin Net Worth: Addison Timlin is an American actor who has a net worth of 400k dollars. She was born in June 1991 and is best known for her role as Sasha Bingham on Californication where she played the character during its fourth season (2009–2011). When she was just 14, Timlin had her first acting job in a 2005 movie called Derailed with actor Clive Owen and actress Melissa George who played the parents of this young girl. Since then there have been many other roles for this talented star including working on Stand Up Guys which features Alan Arkin as well Christopher Walken among others; all while building up her career here in Hollywood.

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Addison Timlin Net Worth | Biography 2022

Addison Timlin Addison Timlin Net Worth/Biography
Name Addison Timlin
Born 1991/06 /29
Birthplace Philadelphia, USA
Martial Status Marries
Age 29 Years Old
Ethnicity North-American
Profession Actress
Nationality American
Height 5 Feet
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Dark Brown
Spouse Jeremy Allen White
Net Worth $400k
Last Updated 2022

Addison Timlin Biography

Addison Timlin, the actress best known for her role as Sasha Bingham on Californication and Rachel Lewis in Zero Hour is a jack of all trades. She’s been able to land both television shows that have lasted into syndicated success while also appearing in films like Stand Up Guys with Olympus Has Fallen co-starring Christiane Amanpour among others! Her net worth estimated at $400 thousand dollars isn’t bad considering how many different careers this woman can juggle before breakfast time.

Her first film was 2005’s Derailed, where she played a diabetic teenager named Amy. She has been dating Shameless star Jeremy White since 2017 and they are currently expecting their second child together. She was born to Jayne & Rene Timlin in 1986 as well; has two older sisters (Sara Elizabeth “Sally” who is 20 years old now)and one younger brother–Ezer Billie white incoming.

Addison Timlin Early Life And Education

As a child, Timlin was fascinated with the stage and often entertained dreams of becoming an actress. She attended Professional Performing Arts School to learn acting skills which she achieved very well; adding this skill set on top of her existing talents made for quite some success in art school.

Addison Timlin Career

With a resume that includes performances in plays like Annie and films like The Isabel Fish, it’s no wonder Addison Timlin has found success as an actress. Her talents were first recognized on stage at the age of 12 when sheTourained with production playwright August Wilson during his epic work “Annie.”

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The camera came calling just one year later while touring behind another blockbuster musical-comedy hybrid -– this time. Not only in the film but series too, Addison has been a famous face. With 3lbs’ 2006 success she became an actor to watch out for and not just one of those “supporting” actors that you see mostly on TV or movies with small roles played every now and then; no this is someone who will be making waves soon enough! Her work across many different types of media means we can’t wait until other successes may come our way because if recent history repeating itself (2006) tells us anything there’s always room left.

Age and Body Measurements How Tall Is Addison Timlin?

Additional has done an outstanding job maintaining a slim body even though her height doesn’t always help the case. She stands at 5’1″, with 50 kgs of weight on her tiny frame! Jayne also ensures that no matter what size you are, she will make sure your measurements fit well into one garment by using different styles for everyone’s needs – 34C or 36B depending upon which bra fits best per individual preference.”

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Husband, Who Is Addison Timlin Married With?

Not too many people can say they are already taken, but Addison Timlin has done just that. The talented lady met Jeremy Allen White in 2017 and knew right away he was the one for her! They dated for a few months before getting engaged this past April 2019- only two short years after meeting each other on their first date (which by then had been turning into an annual tradition). The lovebirds walked down  the aisle last October 18th which made it all worthwhile once again proving how perfect these two really are together as well as confirming what everyone knows.

Addison timlin husband

Addison Timlin Social Media Profiles

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Addison Timlin has had a successful and fascinating career so far. She got her start in the entertainment industry at a young age, and she has since starred in some impressive films. You might be clear to know about Addison Timlin Net Worth. We can only expect great things from this talented young woman in the years to come. Thanks for following our blog post on Addison Timlin!


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