Anime44: Best Alternative Websites of Anime44

top alternative websites of anime44

Thousands of people around the globe are anime lovers. These people love to watch different genres of anime like action, comedy, romance, history, or supernatural. To entertain anime lovers, a website named anime44 was ruined successfully where each and every episode of serials, movies, series, and even dubbed movies were uploaded. But, later this website got banned by the authorities due to some reason.

From then on, people are in search for Alternative Websites of Anime44 to watch their favorite anime series.   is another site designed for this purpose. If you are still not able to open this site, then you can select any one website from the list below. These sites are alternative sites of anime44 and anime series are one click away from you.

Best Anime44 Alternative Websites:  [View More]

Topping our list of best alternative sites of anime44 is and just like its name, it is a freaking good website to watch anime series. It is completely loaded with various kinds of anime movies, drama, and series. The only thing you have to do is to type the name of your desired show and the search bar will take you to a sorted list where you can easily find out what you were looking for.

This site is well managed and good quality content is uploaded on it. People fond of watching anime will surely enjoy their time here without any signup or annoying ads.  [View More]

Another site that is regarded to be the best alternative to anime44 is This site is very well managed and one thing additional to mention about this website is that the viewers of a particular serial can also communicate with each other and share their views about what is happening in the show. Sounds good enough!

For the visitors that are on this site for the very first time, it has also designed a suggestion page.  [View More]

Again one of the best alternatives to anime44 is this site named It offers a number of anime series including drama, romance, and many more genres. A visitor to this website will never have to face a language barrier as it provides dubbed movies and shows.

The interface of this website is beautifully designed and videos uploaded on it are of high quality. One might have to face troublesome ads while streaming shows online on this website.  [View More] is another best alternative site of anime44. It is one of the popular sites for streaming anime online without any sign-up. This site never disappoints its users, be it’s the quality of the videos uploaded on it or the sorted list related content a visitor gets on searching.

One of the exciting features to mention about this website is that a person can also ask kissanime to upload the drama which is not available on it and alas you will be enjoying that show soon online. Isn’t this amazing.  [View More]

Animeplustv is an amazing site alternative to anime44.A very simply designed site with a lot of anime movies, shows, and serials. One can enjoy all this stuff uploaded on this site without any interference with pop-ups and ads.

This website is very highly ranked because of a large number of people visiting it and loving its content. So can you by clicking the visit button. I am sure you are going to enjoy your time there.  [View More]

Another best mention in the list of alternative sites to anime44 is anime heroes. A very well organized site where the latest anime shows and movies are streamed. There is no need for any signup, just go to this website, search your desired show in the search bar and enjoy it.

The amazing feature of this website that makes it the best among online anime streaming sites to entertain people with anime stuff. Ads might pop-up when you are watching the video but other cool features of this website diminish this problematic lag.  [View More]

Animeseason is a site having similar features to anime44 and one of the best alternative site of anime44. What an anime lover wants? Good content and quality of his favorite show and if the person is not native, he needs a dubbed version. This site provides its visitors with all things.

One can search for the movie he wants to stream and then enjoy it fully without any annoying and useless ads or pop-ups while playing the video. This site is run very well, all the series categorized, and all the videos in good quality.  [View More]

Watchanimedub is another best alternative to anime44. If we follow the name it streams dubbed anime movies, shows, and serials. So there is no language barrier to watch anime on this website. A person not native can also select and watch its favorite anime stuff.

This site is visited by a large number of anime lovers and they get their desire to watch their favorite anime series fulfilled here. The only bad thing to mention is that ads may take the display while you are trying to play the video.  [View More]

An excellent alternative to anime44 is this website named very well organized site offering a wide range of anime series in great quality. The website speed is good enough.

The search tab offers so many useful features like you can select year and date and genre at a time to find out the anime series on your mind. It also provides dubbed movies and all these things are just free of any cost.  [View More] is also the best site among the alternative sites of anime44. Offering you any kind of anime series, this site works very smoothly. It has a lot of useful features to entertain its visitors in one or many ways.

While you are on this site to watch anime online, you certainly will witness no ads or annoying pop-ups there. You can peacefully watch your desired videos without any disturbance.

Another alternative of anime44, where an anime lover can fulfill his/her desire is anime A very newly released site in the streaming world, which is loaded with a lot of anime series and anime content. One can watch the content uploaded on this site even on a mobile device. The site is updated regularly and the quality of videos is awesome. The only disturbing thing is the appearance of ads after you play the video., an amazing alternative site of anime 44. It is no wrong saying it as the best amongst the competitors. One of the free anime streaming sites and the best alternative for anime 44. There is a regular update of new content on this website. It offers a  very simple and friendly interface. That’s why a new visitor never finds any difficulty searching for his desired content.

Another attractive feature, this site holds is that if you are not able to find your desired series or show. You can comment and ask the site to upload that one.

This website is also an alternative site for anime 44. It is a very popular and largest platform where anime is uploaded, watched, and loved by visitors. The homepage of this site is very amazingly designed where you can search the respective tags like latest added anime, popular anime movies, and latest episodes and enjoy the content you were looking for.

One might call it a communication platform for anime lovers, allowing different people from different regions and countries to communicate with each other and found new anime to watch. The popularity of this website is more in the united kingdom and brazil.

One more alternative to anime 44 is gogoanime. This site is very loved by its users due to its unique features and brilliantly arranged homepage. Due to the alphabetic arrangement of the anime, you can easily find out your wanted movie or show.

After you have selected a particular show, movie, or episode to watch, it offers a number of links. This means if the link you selected is not working for you or is showing any kind of error then you can choose another link from the list and see if it’s worth selecting or not.

Again a worth visiting site and the best alternative to anime 44 is this portal named chia anime. It is an excellent platform to watch anime videos, anime movies, and series. This website is loaded with anime videos of great quality.

The homepage might look annoying to you as it is filled with ads but overall its will be worth visiting this site and you will certainly enjoy your time here.


I must say these are the sites among which if some are good at quality than lags at ad appearance and if some are ad-free than their quality of content is not good. I tried to mention every asset and liabilities these websites hold. Now, it’s up to you which feature you want to go for. Hope that list benefits you in some way.