Dj Citizen Jane Biography

Dj Citizen Jane Biography: DJ Citizen Jane is a well-known electronic dance music producer and DJ. She was born on October 22nd, 1974 in Miami to parents who still live there today! Her real name Madeline Fernandez has been adopted by her professional moniker since she started performing at parties during college breaks when other friends would call out “Citizen” instead of identifying themselves as such (she’s only now getting around introduce herself).

When people ask what it means I always tell them that reminds me so much about myself – being called a citizen comes with its privileges but also seems like an oversight considering how much we contribute financially to society through taxes. Here in this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about DJ Citizen Jane Biography, Age, Height, Dj Citizen Jane Net Worth & Career in 2022.

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Dj Citizen Jane Biography | Wiki 2022

Dj Citizen Jane Dj Citizen Jane Biography 2022
Name Dj Citizen Jane
Born October 22, 1974
Birthplace Miami, USA
Age 48 Years
Profession American DJ
Ethnicity Cuban
Sun Sign Libra
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Height 6 Feet 6 Inch
Weight 75 KG
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Martial Status Not Married
Net Worth 1$ Million
Last Updated 2022


She’s a creative American disc jockey, singer, and songwriter who has been known for her wide assortment of music. She blends various styles from EDM to Electric fly in every single track that she makes which enables DJ citizen Jane to gain both fans alike with their different tastes so there is always something new coming out from this household name.

DJ Citizen Jane Early Life & Education:

DJ Citizen Jane was born into the world in Miami on October 22, 1974. Madeline Fernandez is her real name and she turned 47 years old as of now.”  “Besides coming from a group that produces performers like herself (her parents), DJCJ didn’t know much more than what we could find out about them through research; namely they are Cuban-American Guards who brought this girl into existence and then raised her locally near Beach Village until reaching adulthood whereupon they relocated back home to Harlem – New York City,”

dj citizen Jane early life

DJ Citizen Jane Career

DJ Citizen Jane worked a decade in the police department and is now pursuing her dream of being an artist. She left behind successful work as a songwriter for popular artists but pursued what she really wanted: musical freedom with lyrics that reflect how people feel on topics from love to politics.

DJ citizen jane was always fascinated by music since childhood; playing instruments like drums or piano while others were doing their homework  In high school even though there weren’t many options available at this time period (the 2000s), Danzig made sure every student had access through lessons given out monthly by qualified instructors- allowing.

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DJ Citizen Jane has delivered a moving and heartfelt new dance music video for her song “Rescue Me.” The visual aesthetic of the clip perfectly captures what it feels like to be in love with someone who doesn’t seem ready or willing at all, but still manages to give you everything they’ve got anyway. It’s been four years since we last saw this beautiful girl make an appearance on our screens—but thanks go out from us here across town because as soon DJed up some serious moves while performing alongside other great artists such(as Bruno Mars & Cardi B).

DJ Citizen Jane’s Personal Life

DJ Citizen Jane has straightforwardly admitted that she is more interested in ladies. Her current relationship status appears to be single, as the DJ hasn’t shared who her accomplice might actually Be at this point – no husband or boyfriend for you.

DJ Citizen Jane Net Worth

DJ Citizen Jane is a well-known name in the world of dance music. Her record label, Cura Sound Records has been releasing popular tracks by top DJs for years now and it seems like she can’t keep up with them all! As per online records (which we know are always accurate), DJ CIttian Janae’s Net Worth as calculated surpasses $700k USD; making her one rich lady who loves nothing more than partyin’ hard into dawn each day.

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Final words

Dj citizen Jane biography is one of the most inspiring stories in the music industry. She started from scratch and managed to build an empire that touches the lives of many people around the world. Her story is a testimony that anything is possible if you set your mind to it and work hard for it. We can all learn something from her life and career, and we hope you have enjoyed reading about her as much as we enjoyed writing this article. What do you think about DJ citizen jane biography? Leave us a comment below.


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