Frankie lons Biography

Frankie Ions was an American actress born on 19 July 1960 in Oakland, California. She was the biological mother of Keyshia Cole who is a well-known American singer, songwriter, television producer, and actress. Frankie Ions rose to fame after her first-ever appearance on a television show named “Frankie and Neffe” along with her daughter Keyshia. She also appeared in the famous celebrity rehab in the year 2008 with Dr. Drew.

She was a proud mother of her hard-working daughter Keyshia and was also known for her emotional reaction to her daughter’s hit reality show “the way it is”. Another milestone achieved by this beautiful lady was her first-ever book named “The best years I never had”. This book was a memoir of her life struggles, drug addiction, and fame. This proud mother made several cameos in her daughter’s mini-series such as Keyshia cole; My new life in 2019. In this cameo, they both had several deep conversations including about the concept of death.

In the article below, I am going to talk about Frankie lons Biography, early age, Relationship status, and Net worth. So let’s have a look at it.

Frankie lons Bio

Frankie Ions was a married woman and her husband was Virgil hunter. She gave birth to a daughter Keyshia cole who is a known television actress and singer. She had one sibling which is her only brother.

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Frankie Ions career

Frankie Ions was an actress by profession. She has appeared in a number of television shows along with her talented daughter Keyshia cole. She was a reality television star from the famous broadcast BET.  She rose to fame as an actress after her appearance in the reality show “Frankie and Neffe” along with her daughter. With this show, Frankie ions got widespread attention from her millions of fans.

In 2008, she also appeared on the famous television broadcast celebrity rehab with Dr. Rehab.  Along with these superhit shows, she also made cameos in several episodes of her daughter’s show Keyshia cole; My new life which aired on TV in 2019.

She also wrote a book named “the best years I never had” which was a reflection of her life struggles and her fame.

Frankie Ions’ religion, race, and ethnicity

Frankie Ions holds American nationality and her ethnicity is mixed. She belongs to the black race of America. Cancer is her zodiac sign. She was a follower of the Christianity religion.

Frankie Ion’s height, weight, and body

As mentioned earlier that she was born on 19 July 1960 so her age was 61 years when she died. She had the perfect height and perfect body as per the fame she earned as an actress. She had black eyes and black hair.

Frankie Ions net worth

Frankie Iona was one of the wealthiest actresses. She has earned a lot of worth and fame from her acting career and her net worth is estimated to be more than one million.

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Frankie Ions death

Frankie Ions died at the age of just 61 on the day of her birthday party in 2021. Her sudden death was a great shock for her family, her beloved daughter, and her fans from all over the world. She died due to a drug overdose on the eve of her birthday party which took place on Sunday in 2021.

Her sudden death was reported to My office the same day at 3 a.m. she was a great loss to everyone who loved her as indicated by the heartfelt Instagram stories of her daughter Keyshia cole. She posted on her Instagram saying it is the most terrible agony of my life to see my mom’s body sack on her birthday…. My heat is so fucking broke.

She was fighting the battle of drug addiction and her beloved daughter was already heartbroken to see her mother suffer from this sickness.

Frankie Ions famous for

This elegant lady was famous for;

  • Her role in the famous reality show “Frankie and Neffe”
  • Being the biological mother of artist Keyshia cole


Frankie Ions was a known TV personality and her role in the hit reality shows is the legacy that she had left behind. Her life was full of struggles and lessons for many people as she worked very hard to achieve all this fame and respect. She is remembered by her fans and still lives in the hearts of her beloved family members and fans.

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