Top 10 Free Sports Streaming Sites

Not everyone in this world has free time to sit in front of the TV, switch to their favorite channel and enjoy the live streaming of a match from Websites. Every sports lover out there wants to cheer up their team either it’s a football match, or a cricket match, and many more. But, as mentioned earlier not everyone is this lucky to do so. We all are having a busy life, jobs, and duties to fulfill making this impossible. The result of which is that the sports lovers count on what others in their circle are saying about the concerned match.

As the world is advancing in every field, people now can enjoy the live streaming of on several Free Sports Streaming Sites, anytime. The only demand to avail of this marvelous opportunity on your device is to have a speedy internet connection.

These sites are a gateway to an online streaming world where one can enjoy their favorite games or news about the latest match of their preferred category.

Top 10 Free Sports Streaming Sites:

laola1- free sports streaming site

  1. Laola1 [Visit]

One of the best sites to watch live streaming of your loved sports. The site is very neatly arranged and well-managed. You can also get notifications on signup. Once you have entered this website, you guys are going to love it.

A plus point for mentioning it on the top of the list is that this website is free of pop-ups and ads, which means u can enjoy your time fully without those annoying pop-ups. It is indeed a highly recommended portal to watch live sports online.


  1. WatchESPN  [Visit]

As the name indicates, this is an online portal provided by ESPN channel for watching sports online for free. This website is successfully ruined by ESPN itself covering several sports. Either you are fond of us sports or NBL, then it is a super choice to make.

Furthermore, there is no wastage of time due to useless and annoying ads. You will get flash’s about your favorite sports and players as well. An app is also available for IOS and android users.


  1.  [Visit]

The third best site in our list of   Best free sports streaming sites is  In addition to free of cost, it is a very well organized platform to enjoy live sports streaming anytime.

Be it a fan of football or a fan of cricket or other interesting games, this website is there to give you complete coverage of the sports world without even the cost of a single penny.


  1. Batman stream  [Visit]

Also, one of the best portals to Watch sports live for free. It is one of the popular Sports streaming sites letting avail oneself of their preferred and loved sports when they are not able to watch it on television.

A well-managed site offering coverage of some games like football, cricket, tennis, and many more and where you’ll also experience the live streaming of sports.


  1. First row sports  [Visit]

One of the spectacular platform among the Best free sports streaming sites. From streaming live cricket matches to live streaming football free, you guys will witness streaming of many other popular sports like tennis, golf, and some other.

Along with the best-managed site to watch live sports online free, this is also specifically designed to cope up with problems related to the low internet connection. Further, the stream videos are of high quality and you will certainly love it.

sports lemon

  1. Sport lemon  [Visit]

An excellent site among the best free sports streaming sites and an incredible site for Live streaming football free One can watch numerous sports like football, hockey, tennis without any delay.

It supplies content with the best quality and ensures that the person never misses an instant of the match. There might be irritating pop-ups, but nothing to worry about ad-blocker exists for a purpose.


  1. Cricfree  [Visit]

Following the name, one might think of it as a site that streams cricket matches only but it is not true. There are other games you can search for like football, baseball, and boxing on this web portal. There is coverage of numerous sports channels on cricfree.

One can also optimize it to get notified when a particular match will start and enjoy the streaming of their loved sports without missing a single moment. Except for the troublesome pop-ups, this site is highly recommended to watch live sports online for free.


  1. All sport live  [Visit]

An excellent choice one can make to Watch sports live for free is to visit this site. Though the language of this website is not English, we can use a Google translator to experience sports in our preferred language.

This website never upsets its visitors, streams a wide range of sports along with high quality streaming clips.

  1. Sony Liv  [Visit]

One of the popular name among sports streaming channels or websites. Covering almost every sport from all over the world and keeps updating its visitors about the latest news of sporting events. Nothing questions the quality of videos on this website but the only troubling feature is the ads showing up at the start of a video.

To overcome this, one may get its premium membership to fully enjoy the match. Apps for iOS and Android users are available too.

Besides chasing your favorite teams you can also have access to TV shows online, which is a super addition to its features.

One more thing to mention is if you are facing region-locked while trying to have access to this website, you can use a VPN.

  1. Hotstar  [Visit]

Last but not the least, Hotstar is a wonderful site to watch live sports online without any limitations. A very popular Sports streaming website giving you an approach to various games including badminton, tennis, football, cricket, and many others.

Aside from being in touch with the game’s world, you can have entertainment too. This website is also loaded with several TV shows to watch online.

One can enjoy all these packs of entertainment without a sign-up and subscription for a premium account is also available to watch without any Ad interruptions.


Winding up the above post written on the best sports streaming websites, I would like to say that I spare no effort to recommend you the best among the rests. Hopefully, you’ll be directed to the best sites and will probably enjoy the choice you made among the above-mentioned sites based on their features.