Hitman Holla Net Worth

Hitman Holla Net Worth: Hitman Holla has a net worth of 3$ Million in 2022. Gerald Fulton Jr., better known by his stage name Hitman Holla is an American battle rapper who has gained popularity for the aggressive style and unmatched punch lines in all of his songs. He’s best perceived when it comes down to rapping because he can go from being soft-spoken (like on “Off Panel”) or speaking very quickly while throwing out witty comments at you within seconds; no one really knows how this guy does what he does so well! All we know about Gerald currently stands Table, that as well over 3 million dollars worth of assets remain under ownership control.

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Hitman Holla Net Worth | Biography 2022

Hitman Holla Wiki/Bio/Hitman Holla Net Worth
Name Gerald Fulton Jr
Date of Birth March 29, 1988
Birth Place St. Louis, Missouri, U. S.
Profession Battle Rapper
Girlfriend Cinnamon
Net Worth 3$ Million

Hitman Holla Biography

Hitman Holla was born on March 29, 1988, in St. Louis Missouri to African American parents Gerald Fulton Senior and Sue Fulton who are both originally from California but moved around before settling down permanently at some point during their childhoods which accounts for why this talented battle rapper has traveled all over America performing live shows while pursuing higher education like CSU Northridge with a scholarship! He loves playing basketball too; even though he studied extensively overseas (at university) football had been his favorite sport up until now that is.

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Hitman Holla Net Worth and Rapping Career

Hitman Holla is one of the most talented rappers in Canada. He grew up on X-Factor and Mook, but he found that rapping more interesting than sports–it was all thanks to these aggressive songs with Amazing lyrics! From there; it didn’t take long before another side of him came out into rap battles where opponents were often left speechless after their defeat at hands (or mouths) belonging not only to Remy D or Bill Collector but also now known as “Holla.”

Hitman holla net worth & Career
Hitman holla net worth & Career

Hitmaker Hitman released his first song titled “Ball Game” on June 11, 2013. The album is available now and costs $8.91! In 2016 he came up with another hit called “Diddy Dum DUM” that features Jeff right here-of course you know him from his verses in songs like ‘Mercy’ or even just last year’s top 10 hits such as Gym Class Song’.

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Hitman Holla’s Girlfriend- Cinnamon

Hitman Holla is currently dating a girl named Cinnamon. He frequently posts pictures with his girlfriend on Instagram, where she serves as Lash U Studio’s brand ambassador and often appears in front of the camera for videos displayed by their YouTube channel “HellaNiggaUnderstand.” The couple has started up something called ‘The GF Project,’ which chronicled everything about their relationship from start-to-end–including how they met! So far it seems like there were no surprises left behind after all.

Hitman holla girlfriend

Hitman Holla Net Worth 2022

His net worth is estimated at $3 million. He’s earned this big sum from competing in various rap battles and he gets paid an average monthly salary of around 30K for each battle! In addition to that, there are other sources that report on how much money Hitman makes through his clothing brand Ball Game alone – so don’t count out the receipts just yet.

How did Hitman Holla make his money?

Hitman Holla is a well-known American rapper who has been active since 2019 and accumulates millions in the process of making his money. He earns most importantly through streams earnings (from YouTube/Spotify), record sales of eBooks, etc., and show performance fees for concerts organized by him or brands he works with as an ambassador to increase their social media presence while also getting paid handsomely when they hire on one these unpaid positions which can add up really fast if you’re going at it full time – especially considering how popular this guy seems already.

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Hitman Holla Social Media Profiles

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Hitman Holla is one of the most successful and renowned battle rappers in the world. He has a net worth of $3 million and continues to tour and make music that excites his fans. What started as a hobby has turned into a career that he loves, and his story is an inspiration to anyone who wants to achieve their dreams. We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about this celebrity’s life and accomplishments.


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