Judge Faith Biography:

When she was born, there were no sidewalks in her hometown of Louisiana. And as a child growing up with an entrepreneurial family that had their hands in everything from manufacturing to fishing for crawfish boils at night; faith wasn’t just something people talked about- it defined who they were every day. below are some of the most authentic information Related to Judge Faith Biography. So let’s have a look at it.

But even though the odds were always against them – like when Faith’s own father lost his job after 30 years and they became one paycheck away from bankruptcy–they never gave up on themselves or each other.  In fact, during those difficult times, finally getting custody over daughter #2 forced this mommy comeback story into high gear: Law School! Then came Sidley Austin (the most prestigious law firm).

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Faith was known as a tough but fair trial attorney who would go above and beyond for her clients. After five years working at a Wall Street firm, she got transferred to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office where she could use all those skills that made her such an effective litigator on criminal cases including overseeing many trials from the beginning until the end with no mistakes or errors committed by either side.

In the wake of her experience with DA’s office work, Faith found herself back in private practice where she could put all that litigation savvy to use. Her new employer had an extensive menu for clients and included everything from business dispute resolutions to white-collar defense cases as well as government investigations or other civil/criminal matters needing legal expertise.

I knew this would be a great opportunity when I met faith at The Manhattan County courthouse last week! She’s been working there but now it’s time to transition into something different which is why I offered my help during our meeting on Friday.

Judge Faith Early Life:  

Faith Jenkins is a 43-year-old American actress and singer, who was born in Shreveport Louisiana on September 21st, 1977. She lost her father last year which has had an effect on the whole family especially with faith’s mother being ill at home due to illness as well. Faith attended university where she studied Communication Arts before moving out west.

Faith was involved in beauty pageants and held the title of “Miss Louisiana Tech.” She won first place in Miss America 2001, making her one-of-a-kind among competitors. Her achievements are not limited to being merely brilliant academically or culturally; instead, they extend into other areas such as academics – where she Holds a bachelor’s degree from Southern University Law Center–and swimsuit contests.

Judge Faith Marriage, Husband, Children:

On March 10th, 2020 Judge Faith and Kenny Lattimore tied the knot. They exchanged vows at First Congressional Chruch of Los Angeles where he is a singer by profession while she goes by Mrs. Ketty on Instagram!

Judge Faith Biography 2022
Judge Faith Biography 2022

Faith Jenkins Career, TV Show, Host

She began her legal career in the New York City office of Sidley Austin. Following five years as a litigator she was an Assistant District Attorney, arraigning lawbreakers at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office before moving on to be one for two different DA’s offices with experience including CNN weather anchor during off-hours! She’ll be joining the Courtroom as a regular judge on “Divorce Trial 2020,” which premieres this September! You can follow her @Jenkins_ verbally communicates about being an appointing authority for daytime TV show Judge Faith and also has plenty more up until December 7th when she stars in her own reality series called Justice By Any Means premiering exclusively on TvOne.

Judge Faith Net Worth

Judge Fatih Net Worth: Judge Faith is an American television judge and legal commentator who has a net worth of 2$ Million.

There are no details regarding Judge Faith Biography.

Judge Faith Wiki/Judge Faith Biography/Net Worth
Name Judge Faith
Born 1977
Profession Lawyer
Net Worth 2$ Million


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