The Massage-k is a fully featured Massage-k with adjustable intensity and multiple air cells that knead muscles to improve circulation and flexibility. It is a menu-driven unit with a full-featured control panel and full-color display. The Massage-k works on all body parts and is easy to use.


The Massage-k S-Track massage chair has an ergonomic design that hugs the curve of the spine. The rollers in this chair move up and down from the lower back down to the neck, providing a full-body stretch. You can also listen to music to enhance the experience. In addition, the chair’s rocking motion provides a classic rocking chair experience.

Massage chairs with S-Track tracks differ from their L-track cousins in a few ways. The first is that they tend to be more precise and flexible. The second advantage of an S-Track chair is that it can recline your body, stretching your spine to provide a better stretch. Another advantage of S-track chairs is that they often feature 3D and 4D massage capabilities, so they give you a more targeted massage.

A massage chair with an L-Track massage track follows the curve of your spine and works on the muscles in the neck and lower back. It also targets the gluteus muscles and uses heated modules to relieve muscle pain. Another benefit is that it features MyMassage(tm) programs that allow you to create your own massage sequences and save them.

K. massage ball

A massage ball is an excellent treatment option for many types of musculoskeletal conditions. Its soft exterior and hard core allow it to be used to target and mobilize sore tissue. The TP ball can also be used with gravity and body weight to provide a gentle massage to specific points of the body.

The MB5(r) Massage Ball is a great tool for relieving tired, aching muscles. Its 5-inch diameter targets and releases muscle tension, reducing pain and increasing range of motion. It is ideal for hamstrings, quads, and calf muscles. It comes in a blue color and can be used at home or by a massage therapist.

You can also use a massage ball to relieve wrist and neck pain. Just make sure not to use the massage ball on bones or tendons. Place the ball between your elbow and wrist and gently roll it into the area. For added pressure, place the opposite hand over the ball to support your wrist.

Thai massage

Thai massage is a combination of acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures. It uses Sen-lines, or “energy lines” similar to the nadis in the philosophy of yoga. It is a popular form of massage, and has many benefits. It’s also known as Thai yoga massage.

Thai massage is an ancient form of massage, and originated in ancient Magadha, the kingdom of modern-day Thailand. It was developed over two thousand years ago by a physician named Dr Jivaka, the personal physician of Magadha King Bimbisara. His skills in both traditional Indian medicine and meditation made him famous, and he is known as the “Father of Medicine.” Today, Thai massage is often performed by a skilled therapist.

The benefits of Thai massage include relaxation and stress relief. Thai massage uses pressure and stretching techniques to stimulate circulation, improve heart health, and relieve muscle tension. It also promotes good blood circulation and helps the body maintain its natural balance.

Oil or cream massage

Generally speaking, massage oils have the edge over creams when it comes to slickness. While oil is more slippy during massage, it is also more likely to stain sheets, clothes, and carpet. Also, clients can dislike the oily feeling left after the massage. However, oils can have their benefits, too, especially for certain clientele.

Oil or cream massages can help with a variety of ailments, including aching muscles and tendons. Massage oil can help stimulate the flow of blood and improve blood circulation. Some oils are also infused with vitamins and aromatherapy. They can also be used as a base for lymphatic drainage massage. These benefits make an oil or cream massage an excellent option for those who want to relieve the stress and tension of their daily lives.

Massage oils can also help protect the skin’s lipid barrier. They provide a long glide time and are easy to warm between palms. They are also adaptable and can be combined with essential oils for a more personalized experience. A few drawbacks to oil or cream massage include the greasy sensation, which can cause a therapist to slip and slide.



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