Whether you’re looking for roomhubs.com audio visual room for an event, a room for your conference, or even a waiting room for your business, roomhubs can help. You’ll be amazed at how versatile and easy to use they are. They’re available in all shapes and sizes, and are ideal for any environment.


During the colonial era, the Aetas were largely oblivious to the savviest of the colonizers. They were not particularly impressed by their erstwhile European neighbors, though it is interesting to note that they were able to learn from them and have incorporated some of their cultural cues into their own culture. They have also incorporated a number of Austronesian Filipino neighbours, albeit in different language varieties.

The Aetas are not to be confused with their illustrious counterparts, the Ati. In 1734 the Aetas were dubbed the wild men of the mountains. The Aetas were not particularly proud of their ancestry though. It is also no surprise that they have a surprisingly low literacy rate. They also have a relatively high rate of infant mortality, especially among their women. They have a rich cultural heritage spanning over 25 ethnolinguistic groups. In terms of technology, they have not left much of a mark. In terms of architecture, they have a number of impressive dwellings, most notably the cogon grass and bamboo dwellings.


Getting a top notch video conferencing solution is no small feat. Thankfully, Barco roomhubs have been on the scene for well over a decade now. A good one is the best place to start your quest for video conferencing excellence. Barco’s room solutions are built to last. From there, you can choose from their impressively curated line of high-end videoconferencing solutions. With a Barco room solution in place, you can rest assured that your video conferencing experience will be the envy of your peers. If you’re interested in a new videoconferencing solution for your office, contact Barco to discuss your options.

ClickShare Conference

Whether you are conducting a virtual video call or conducting a meeting with multiple participants, ClickShare Conference can make your meeting experience more efficient. ClickShare makes video conferencing a hassle-free process by ensuring that meeting participants are able to see and hear each other in perfect clarity.

ClickShare combines video conferencing and wireless meeting room collaboration in an easy-to-use solution that requires minimal training. ClickShare is also completely wireless, eliminating the need for plug sockets and cables. ClickShare works with a wide range of compatible solutions, facilitating faster meetings and increasing meeting interactivity.

The ClickShare CX-30 is a fully integrated wireless conferencing solution that can be set up in less than seven seconds. It supports hybrid meetings and intent-based meeting flows, making it possible for meeting participants to enter a new meeting on their own preferred device. This solution also supports blackboarding and touchback.

Unlike other video conferencing solutions, ClickShare allows you to connect any device wirelessly to the room’s AV equipment. This includes the room’s camera, speakers, and microphones. It also allows you to bring your own meeting, a feature that lets you connect to a remote participant.

Waiting rooms

Using virtual waiting rooms to help patients make appointments and fill out paperwork prior to their medical encounter can improve the patient’s experience. While a growing number of health care organizations are adopting virtual waiting rooms, it’s important to evaluate the technology’s suitability for your practice.

Waiting rooms are common in public spaces like airports, bus stations, and railway stations. They also are found in medical offices, where patients wait for their appointments. Some of these rooms are equipped with vending machines, audio/video equipment, and adjacent toilets.

In the United States, many public waiting rooms have public drinking fountains. Some of the waiting rooms may even be equipped with televisions, microphones, and music. A growing number of mobile devices have led to many waiting rooms being equipped with electric outlets.

Waiting rooms can also be used to conduct health assessments and teach patients about their condition. For example, if a patient’s condition is a chronic illness, a waiting room manager can measure blood pressure, weight, and height to help them make informed decisions about their health. They can also act as a health coach, distributing educational materials and explaining decision aids.


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