Sauce Walka Net Worth: The self-made rapper & songwriter, Sauce Walka Net Worth is $3 million as of 2022.

The Sauce Walka is an American rapper and songwriter whose real name is Albert Walker Mondane. He was born in Houston, Texas to parents who were both jazz musicians; this provided him with the opportunity for artistic inspiration from a very young age which can be heard throughout all of his work today including “Wack 2 Wacks.”

In This Article, you will know the detail about Sauce Walka Net Worth, Biography, Early Life, Career, Education, and Facts in 2022.

Sauce Walka Biography

Real Name Albert Walker Mondane
Known As Sauce Walka, Sauce Father, Drip God, Sauce God, A-Walk
Birthday June 29, 1990
Birthplace Houston, Texas, USA
Age 32 Years
Height 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 m)
Weight 88 kg (194 Ibs)
Hometown Houston Texas
Gender Male
Parents N/A
Brother Dillon Clemons
Girlfriend Bambi Doe
Daughter Baby Sauce
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Ethnicity African- American
Profession Rapper, Songwriter
Years Active 2007- Present
Genres Hip Hop, Southern Hip Hop
Record Label The Sauce Factory
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Sauce Walka Net Worth $3 million
Twitter Drip GOD 💧 BEO

Sauce Walka Early life

Sauce Walka’s birthday is June 29, 1990. He was born in Texas and has a cancer zodiac sign!

Sauce Walka early life

The life of Sauce Walka was not an easy one; he had to face many family problems. His parents were often unable or unwilling to give him food and shelter, which led his mother into drug addiction while his dad worked as a professional wrestler at night-time so that they could provide for themselves during the day (and also try their best).

But all these difficulties didn’t stop young Saucuss’s striving toward success.

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He became involved in crimes, faced legal issues, and had to be a part of Blood Gang at an early age. His interest in music led him to the street where he met many other rappers who would eventually become friends over time – this is how it all started!

As you can see from above there was much more than just being “a member” but not yet telling us what exactly happened during these formative years which influenced his future career choices while also going into detail about some involvement with Mash Mode when he was younger.

Sauce Walka Family

Sancho Saucy is the brother of Sauce Walka, but they are not related in any way. They both rap and perform under their real names: Sanchong (Sauce) Clemons; this was confirmed by a fan on Twitter who met them at an event recently.

Little is known about Sauce Walka’s education, but it seems he has at least finished high school.

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Sauce Walka Career

When he was just a teenager, Sauce started his rapping career in 2007. He joined an already established group called MostHeard which became the initiation for what would become professional rap artist “Sauce Walka” or A-Waka as they are now known.

sauce walka careerHe wanted to make something different, so in 2014 he changed his name from A-Walk and created a duo with Sancho Saucy called Sauce Twinz. They both work together on their first mixtape titled “In SAUCY we Trust”. The distinct sound of Walkas’ rhymes attracted listeners, getting their attention even outside music circles.

His music is unique because of the modern slang he uses in his lyrics, which also gives him more popularity.

His latest project, “In Sauce We Trust” features some of his best work to date and will make you want more than just one hit from this artist.

The diss song “Wack 2 Wack” by Sauce Walka was a huge hit in 2015, targeting and attacking Drake for misusing Houston culture without giving back. He claimed that the singer is stealing our Hip Hop’s tradition with no regard for its newcomers who are trying their best just as much if not more than anyone else but still don’t get recognition or support from others within this industry.

So they struggle even harder which really hurts them deep inside because most of these artists start out wanting what you have before coming against where we’re at now-you know how it goes when people try new thing.

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This is the list of his mixtapes that were released from 2016-2020.

  • Lost in Sauce
  • Sauce Ghetto gospel 2
  • New Sauce city
  • Sauce Ghetto gospel
  • Drip God
  • The Sauce father
  • Sorry 4 the Sauce 3
  • Holy Sauce

The following is a list of collaborations he made with some famous artists:

  • XXXTentacion
  • Trinidad James
  • Travis Scott and Maxo Kream were featured in his song Sauce Ghetto gospel 2
  • Slim Thug
  • Migos featuring Sauce Walka and Sosamann in On Top track.
  • Lil’ Keke
  • Chief Keef
  • Bun B streams Sauce Walka Drip God project
  • A$AP Rocky and Sauce Walka enlisted on ASAP Sauce

The Sauce Walka is a founder of the record label, The Sauce Factory. This independent company was founded in 2014 and specializes in electronic dance music with an emphasis on house tunes like those made by Reprezentants or Ritonixx (to name just two).

Founded by one man who goes by “Saru” for obvious reasons-it’s hard not to smile when listening!
The list includes many other talented singers/rappers such as Peso P. and Sancho Saucy.; Sosamann & others too length.

Sauce Walka’s Girlfriend

His private life is something that Sauce Walka doesn’t share with many people. He’s mentioned in an interview once saying he wouldn’t ever get married, but I guess you can tell by all of the dates and expensive gifts they’ve given him over time; it seems like these guys have some interest.

This is according to our sources, who say that Sauce Walka’s girlfriend these days is Bambi Doe.

Sauce Walka girlfriend

His daughter is called Baby sauce.
The dad hasn’t revealed her identity but we can see that it might be a girl because of the name.

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Facts About Sauce Walka

  • His cars, house, and fashion adaptation are adorable for many people. To be honest I think that Sauce Walka’s lifestyle is just too cute.
  • His body is loaded with a lot of diamonds. His teeth are also made up of the same amount, and his face implants add an extra $250k in value.

Sauce Walka diamond teeth

  • The lyrics of Sauce Walka’s tracks are dripping with sauce.
  • His style is unique and fresh because of the modern hip-hop slang drip that he uses in his lyrics.
  • According to the official website, Sauce Walka is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 234 pounds.
  • He was reported and pleaded guilty to shooting a person during his concert at Texas Southern University in 2009.

Sauce Walka Net Worth

The estimated Sauce Walka Net Worth is $3 million as of 2022.

His music, which he released on his own record company TSF has been a significant contributor to the growth of this talented singer-songwriter’s net worth. From vinyl records and concerts all over Europe to streaming sites like Spotify or Apple Music – even if you’re not attending one of Jidicon’s shows in person chances are there’ll be something for your ear.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sauce Walka

1:How old is Sauce Walka?

The Sauce Walka’s birthday is always on June 29th and he was born in 1990.

2:How tall is Sauce Walka?

The height of Sauce Walka, a rapper from South London is 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 m) and he weighs 88 Kg or 194 lbs.

3:What is Sauce Walka Net Worth?

As of 2022, the estimated Sauce Walka Net Worth is $3 million.

4:Who is Sauce Walka?

Sauce Walka is a rap artist and the founder of an LA-based record label.

5:Where is Sauce Walka from?

Houston, Texas is the hometown of Sauce Walka.

6:Who is Sauce Walka’s father?

His dad is a professional wrestler, but the name of this son’s benefactor has not yet been revealed.


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