Sheck Wes Net Worth: Sheck Wes is a young, talented American rapper with a net worth of $1.5 Million as well! He’s also an excellent basketball player and fashion model who has been seen in runway shows all over New York City for designers such as Nike or Gucci among others; not only does he write music but produces it too (he even did some beats on this album). He’s a young and talented boy with skills in many different fields, including songwriting, modeling, rapping as well as basketball.

Sheck Wes, a 23-year old reggae artist from New York City signed to Intersope Records and Cactus Jack Recordings has been making waves in music since 2017 with his hit song “Mo Bamba.” The track was written by him alongside other talented artists such as Travis Scott (who also features on this album)and Kanye West among others; it became one of 2018’s most played tunes worldwide after being nominated at Grammy Awards for Best Rap Performance. In this post you will know about Sheck Wes Net Worth, Biography, Earning, Career, Early Life, Girlfriend & Legal Issues in 2022.

He’s a rising young star in the USA who also dreams of playing basketball on an international level. Along with his music career, He played for EURO league team and now we’ll talk about Sheck Wes’ net worth as well income/career details – all these things combined have helped this talented man earn quite some wealth!

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Sheck Wes Net Worth & Income 2022

Net Worth $1.5 Million
Annual Income $200,000
Monthly Income $15,000+
Profession Rapper, Basketball Player
Age 23 Years
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Virgo

Sheck Wes Early Life

Sheck Wes is a 16-year-old American rapper from New York City. He started rapping at the age of 12 and his real name, Khadimou Rassoul Cheikh Fall (which translates to “ Khali master”), reflects this accomplishment in particular because it means he has mastered God’s art form: music.

Sheck Wes early lifeSheck Wes was always a passionate basketball player, but he changed his mind about music and fashion careers. He didn’t give up on being an entrepreneur though- eventually becoming one of today’s most successful hip-hop artists.
One thing that never changed with Sheck was his love for both sports betting predictions as well as rap songs!

He was just five years old when his mother moved from New York City to Milwaukee. They lived there for almost nine long years, but finally, they returned back home to their apartment on upper Fifth Avenue!

He was born into a family full of musicians. His ancestors were from Senegal, Africa and it’s where he got his love for music at an early age! Even though their childhoods were difficult they sought peace through art which led them to capture moments with their voices or instruments by playing songs on Paramore guitar sites like YouTube videos today.”

Sheck Wes’ life was not an easy one. He faced many difficulties, including the fact that he had to leave his family behind in order for them to have better lives somewhere else.

Sheck’s nickname “Kid Khadi” came from his love of all things ‘kosher’. The artist was once just an unknown person, but he became famous when joined the group Milyorkers back in his hometown.

Sheck Wes Education

Sheck is a fashion model and rapper who grew up in New York. During his time at Norman Thomas High School, he wanted to be an international basketball player but eventually became more interested in music after listening to Seun Apep’s pieces of broad genres ranging from DMX tapes when they were still new 2006-2007 era rap artists like 50 Cent or 2007 – present-day Eminem.

His mother wanted to send him away so that he could get a better life, but this only accelerated the crisis in New York City.

When he returned to New York, his first attempt was to start a music career. Even though Africa had changed him and made it so that now all of the focus is on what’s important in life- being spiritual rather than materialistic like before when someone asked about where they were from? He said, “I’m sorry but my mind isn’t here.”

Sheck Wes Career

Sheck is a multitalented young boy who’s often called “Mudboy” because of his ability to do many things simultaneously. He started showing off these skills by posting music videos on different media platforms, and there’s no doubt about it-the term Mud Boy has an anonymous meaning which can be translated as ‘from rag to riches’.

He collaborated with Travis Scott and Kanye West to create a catchy song that is currently enjoying success. The track, Mo Bamba was uploaded onto YouTube in 2017 but didn’t receive much attention at first until it became one of the most played songs on US radio this year after being released as an assist for Sheck’s album last month.

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Scott’s latest album, which was released in 2019 with the song “No Bystander” and Juice Wrld as guest appearances. This made him notch up another Gold certification for his work on it!
At only 17 weeks old (and already certified), this project has been one of Scott’s most successful yet – not bad considering how long he spent working towards them both personally AND creatively.

He also released a new single this year, which was successful like his debut. The artist known as Cactus Jack made another hit by releasing “YKTS” on Billboard 200 charts!

In 2020, Sheck decided to change his life and took a mode step by announcing that he would submit for the NBA draft. He began training at the gym as well on May 28th, 2021- when it happened!, and became undrafted but got an opportunity to play soccer competitively in France where they have Ligue Nationale De Basketball.

He’s managed to be successful in both his professional basketball career and rap persona. He has high hopes for the future, with many people believing he will go far into this year’s NBA draft.

Sheck Wes Biography

Real Name Khadimou Rassoul Ceikh Fall
Celebrity Name Sheck Wes
Nicknames Kid Khadi, Young Sheck Wes, Mudboy
Age 23 Years
Birthday September 10, 1998
Birthplace Harlem, New York, USA
Height 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Weight 79 Kg (174 lbs)
Father N/A
Mother N/A
Siblings N/A
Ex-Girlfriend Justine Skye
Relationship Status Single
Ethnicity Senegalese
Religion Muslim
Net Worth $1.5 Million

Sheck Wes Family

He comes from a Muslim background and his parents were immigrants of Senegalese. His father was not fluent in English, but he became the tailor for Sheck Wes’ family when they moved to America; however, their names are still unknown because it’s miscellaneous information about them that we don’t know yet.

He has a brother and cousin who are supporting him in his career. His family is from Senegal but he didn’t grow up there because they immigrated to America when Sheck was young; only visiting once or twice after moving away until finally settling down permanently at some point during their lives–though exactly where isn’t clear since records don’t exist for every single person aboard so far as we know.

Sheck Wes’ Girlfriend

Sheck’s ex Justine Skye claimed that he was beating her up in a 2018 interview, but it seems like their relationship is now over.

Sheck Wes’ GirlfriendHe was in a relationship with social media influencer India Love, but their romance didn’t last long because of his abusive behavior. After that, they broke up and took some time apart to heal from the breakup before taking help on how best to handle these emotions online through posts like Instagram stories or Snapchat filters (which are trendy right now).

Sheck Wes Legal Issues

When Sheck decided not to pay Ridge Productions for the video of his single, they took it as an opportunity and posted an edited version online with all kinds of notes.

Justine Skye, Sheck’s ex-girlfriend and the woman who caught him on video stalking her has blamed him for being abusive throughout their relationship.

India, the woman who was once in a relationship with Wes accused him of being abusive. She posted a photo on social media that showed her black eye which is usually caused by abuse or fighting to defame my name she said while posting this information online so people would know what type of trauma I went through at their hands.

In 2020, Sheck was arrested for doing drugs and possessing illegal guns. He spent some time in jail but later became free again after being released from prison.

Sheck Wes Cars

Sheck Wes carHe has a special love for expensive and luxury cars, especially Lamborghini. He is the proud owner of two custom-made Huracans (one each in black & white) worth $308 860 total; he also owns a Urus which was purchased with his own earnings!

Sheck Wes Net Worth

He is the one who helped his family and changed their lives. Sheck Wes net worth as of 2022 was approximately $1.5 million dollars; with most coming from music earnings (which also helps fuel fashion modeling). The Sheck has been able to achieve these incredible successes by working hard – so don’t stop believing in yourself!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sheck Wes 

How much is Sheck Wes Net Worth?

As of 2022, Sheck Wes Net Worth is approximately $1.5 Million.

How much does Sheck Wes make annually?

Sheck Wes’ earns approximately $200,000 a year ,and $15,000+ monthly.

How old is Sheck Wes?

Sheck Wes’ age is 23 years, as he was born on September 10, 1998.

How tall is Sheck Wes?

Sheck Wes’ height is 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m).


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