Tim Pool Net Worth: Tim Pool is a US-based Journalist, YouTuber and Public Commentator with an estimated net worth of $3 million. He hosts general podcasts under the name “Timothy Daniel pool”.

Tim Pool is an influential activist who has influenced people through his extraordinary style of journalism. He’s famous for live streaming coverage of the 2011 Occupy Wall Street protests, and gained fame as a result; now let’s discuss this leading journalist/activist’s net worth (which stands at $500k), salary per year ($50K), Income Generated From Career & Personal Life Outside Media Industry(5%).

Tim Pool Net Worth & Income

Net Worth $3 Million
Annual Income $500,000
Monthly Income $40,000+
Profession Journalist, YouTuber
Age 36 Years
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Pisces

Tim Pool Early life:

Tim Pool was born on March 9, 1986, in Chicago Illinois to a lower-middle-class family. He attended a predominantly Christian school until grade 5 when he left to pursue other interests which would eventually lead him down the path of becoming one if America’s most well-known independent journalists.

Growing up in the shadow of a firefighting father and used car sales mom, Eric Rothenbuhler had an unusual childhood. He attended a private school for only six grades before dropping out to work at 14 years old when his family could no longer afford tuition fees (and also because it was expected that men would contribute). His first job involved bagging groceries alongside other young employees while loading them onto delivery trucks – not exactly what you might picture as glamorous scenery!

He’s been spotted living with his brother during the occupy movement.

Tim Pool Biography

Real Name Timothy Daniel Pool
Name Tim Pool
Age 36 Years
Birthday March 9, 1986
Hometown Chicago, Illinois USA
Height 5 ft 10 in (1.79 m)
Weight 82 Kg (180 lbs)
Father N/A
Mother N/A
Brother N/A
Ethnicity Agnosticism
Awards Best Journalist of Social Media
Net Worth $3 million
Instagram Tim Pool
YouTube Tim Pool

Tim Pool Career

He started his commentary job when he was just a teenager and has since then not only become famous but also highly respected for the way in which he handles himself during live streaming protests. His reports from these events were very much liked by viewers as well because of their punctuality, and formal tone while commenting on what is happening at present with regards to this issue or situation among other things that may come up along the line between both parties involved – all without ever losing focus!

Tim Pool Career

Tim Pool was an active member of the 99% during OWS and his live stream coverage caught attention from all over. He had a remote control drone that he used for exploring new heights, while also broadcasting 21 hours straight without stopping!

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His hard work and passion were so meaningful that an article was written to appreciate the uniqueness he introduced. After this, Pool received well-honored for all his accomplishments in 2012 when The Other 99 folded due to some controversies between him and Henry who founded a pool company called “The Guardian” which is now one of the fastest growing agencies out there today!

It is said that he was never afraid of any incident during his work, no matter how minor it may have been; this reckless indifference attracted people’s attention. He also once mentioned how he didn’t consider himself “a journalist,” but rather a 100% activist who just wants there to support movements like ours with creativity and passion.

Vice and Fusion

Tim’s work with Vice Media exposed him to some of the biggest stories in world news, including reporting on mass protests from countries all over Europe and Asia. He also introduced a new method for how videos are reported that has been widely accepted by many other media outlets since then!

tim pool

He’s a social media expert and he always comes up with new ideas to help people. He was honored for his services in 2013, but says that it doesn’t feel like an accomplishment because there are so many more things left undone!

His innovations in the media industry have been successful, and he was hired by Fusion Media as a director of innovation.

Tim Pool Youtube Channels

tim pool youtube channel

Tim Pool, who has worked with various media outlets in the past decided to branch out on his own. He now runs four Youtube channels which you can see below;

  • Tim Poolde – 15 million subscribers
  • TheOfficialTimPoolsBitchfit
  • timothypool4news
  • t autoplay function when iTunes opens

Journalism and Commentary

Tim is a famous person for his work in journalism and commentary.

He covered many riots, but the 2016 Milwaukee Riot was not one he would want to go through again. There were extreme racial tensions even though his experience in these types of situations isn’t great because they are so racist towards journalists who cover their protests for a living – especially when you’re black like him!

Being both an anchorperson and commentator can sometimes feel impossible; however, with enough passion comes success no matter what happens at home or abroad.”

Tim Pool, an independent journalist was targeted by an unknown person or persons. They took over his studio and planned to kill him but were stopped before they could proceed any further with their plan because police arrived at the scene!

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He’s well-known for his informative and entertaining YouTube videos, which he sells to an international audience through live streaming.

Tim Pool Girlfriend

Tim Pool’s personal life has been the topic of many rumors, but all these stories proved wrong. The information available on his dating and marital status is still being observed by fans who want to know more about this mystery man they affectionately call “The Buddha.”

However, it seems that after posting an Instagram photo with Allison (a woman he appears linked to), people may finally have some answers as far as what Tim does in his free time goes!

Their love story began when a photo of Allison was uploaded to her partner’s Instagram account. It quickly went viral, and they became internet sensations!

Tim Pool is a well-known public figure in the world of social media and journalism. He’s had many relationships before, but there have been some rumors that he may be dating Violet Summers – which we’ll just say for now remains speculation because as always with these types of things it becomes difficult to tell if they’re actually seeing each other or not!

Tim Pool Net Worth

Tim Pool is a high-rated journalist and has been earning an amazing amount of money. He also works for many media networks, which makes his total net worth $3 million as Of 2022.

His YouTube channels have made him a tremendously rich man. In addition, he does brand endorsements and sponsorships for money that would make any bank manager green with envy!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Tim Pool Net Worth?

As of 2022, Tim Pool’s net worth is approximately $3 million.

How much does Tim Pool make a year?

Tim Pool earns approximately $500,000 a year.

What is the real name of Tim Pool?

Tim Pool’s real name is Timothy Daniel Pool.

How old is Tim Pool?

Tim Pool’s age is 36 years as he was born on March 9, 1986.

How tall is Tim Pool?

Tim Pool’s height is 5 ft 10 in (1.79 m) while he weighs approximately 82 kg (180 lbs).


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