XShopKR is a new e-commerce XShopKR that’s been designed from the ground up to give you the freedom and flexibility you need to build a successful online business. It’s loaded with features that will help you sell everything from clothing to electronics and more. XShopKR also has a local search feature and shipping methods that will let you sell goods to your customers in your neighborhood. You’ll even have access to Wishlist and Codapay integration.

Local search feature

Whether you’re a small business or an enterprise brand, local search can help you expand your customer base. Local SEO tactics can also increase your visibility on map listings.

Local search is a convenient option when travelers need to know where to go in a new city. They may want to find a restaurant or a place to stay while they’re in a new city. It’s also a great way to get reviews from customers.

To ensure that your business is found in local search results, it’s important to make sure that you’re providing accurate information about your business. Google uses three factors to determine the ranking of local businesses.

The most obvious is the name of your business. It’s also important to optimize your business for Google’s search engine. To do this, make sure that your business name is consistent throughout the web.


Adding wishlist functionality to your eCommerce website can provide your business with many benefits. It can help you increase sales and build customer loyalty. It can also help you deal with out of stock items.

Customers can add items to their wishlists and mark them for later purchases. They can also keep the list private.

Wishlists also provide eCommerce retailers with valuable insights into their customers’ buying preferences. These insights can help store owners craft more personalized marketing strategies and drive more sales.

In addition to providing valuable customer insights, wishlists also increase customer engagement. For example, customers can share their wish lists with friends. This increases brand awareness and drives traffic outside of the gifting channel.

Wishlists can also help eCommerce businesses deal with out of stock items. Customers will be alerted when a product becomes available again. This is especially useful when shoppers are planning a gift for a special occasion.

Shipping method

XShopKR has a few shipping options. They include a variety of carrier-calculated rates, as well as the ability to set your own rate. If you’re looking for a little more control, you may want to install one of the many shipping apps available on the Shopify app marketplace. The process is straightforward.

To set up your own shipping method, you’ll first need to create a business address. The address is the foundation on which all your other shipping settings are built. Once you’ve created your business address, you’ll need to select the shipping method that best fits your business model. You can choose among standard, economy, and express. The method you choose is the one you use to ship your items, so make sure it works for you.


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